The forum

We strongly recommend you to register on our forum : (in French). Many informations are common with the website but others are reserved for club members and are thus not visible by everyone. You will find infos about trainings, championships, regional training courses. You can organise car sharing, consult tutorial on equipment maintenance, ask for a club equipment order, access to photos and videos.

Useful documents

You can have a partial refund of your expenses (championships, regional training courses) thanks to the bill of expenses. To know which events meet the requirements, you can refer to the refund table (no need to print it). A 15 days period maximum is allowed to give the bill of expenses back to the treasurer. After this period of time, no bill of expenses will be taken in account.



Want to know when the trainings begin, if they are disrupted during holidays, etc? Go to club training news.


Want to know when the next championships happen ? Go to: actualités des compétitions.

Training courses

Want to know when the next training courses are? Go to training course news.

Tenugi and club jacket

You can find specific equipment at the club :

Club jacket : Fleece jacket with the logo in the back. To be worn during training courses or championships (but also in daily life) – 38 € for MKC members (the club finances a part of each jacket) ; 53 € for the others.

Initially thought to be worn above the do, large sizes are especially available.

  •  S size: 1
  • L size : 11
  • XL size : 2
  •  XXL size : 1

Don’t hesitate to ask somebody who already owns one to try it!

20 year old tenugi – 5 euros

Tenugi des 20 ans

25 year old – 5 euros