Want to try Kendo ?

If you would like to try our amazing martial arts before registering for the year, you now can ! From September 7th to October 1rst (included), you can come practicing every Tuesday and Friday by paying a trial period fee (15€). This fee will be deduced from the annual membership if you decide to stay with us.

You are welcome to come anytime in the season and see the trainings.

And what if I want to try kendo but I am too late for the trial period ? Get 3 free trainings with the “passeport découverte” !

The documents we need

For the trial period (from Sept 8th to Oct 2th):

  • The filled in trial period registration form* (with signed parental permission for minors)
  • 15€ for the trial period payment (cheques to “Meylan Kendo Club”)

* You can beforehand print and fill in the registration form : Download the trial period registration form.

For the membership :

  • A medical certificate mentioning « Aucune contre-indication à la pratique du Kendo y compris en compétition » * OR fitness certificate for the minor or a renewal inscription.
  • The permit payment + club subscription (bank transfer or cheques to “Meylan Kendo Club”) : see table below
  • The filled in registration form (download here the registration form)
  • The club subscription payment (see table below)
  • The FFJDA permit  : to be completed online (you will find here the instructions to fill in the form)
  • A recent photograph and a recto-verso copy of an ID (for the sport passport).

*Without « y compris en compétition », it is not possible to take part into championships.

Annual Membership With trial (15€ trial fee deduced) Without trial (before 01/01/21) Without trial (after 01/01/21)
Adult 100€ 115€ 60€
-25 y.o. Unemployed/Student 80€ 95€ 50€
Youth (Course) 40€ 55€ 30€
 50 % Discount  (on the annual membership) From the 2nd member of the same family
FFJDA Permit 40 € with insurance ; 37,7 € without
Sport passport* 10 €

* The Sport passport is compulsory since 2016. If you own a valid one, no need to pay for another one.

Payment in three interest-free instalments is possible.
All cheques are payable to  « Meylan Kendo Club ».

From season 2017-2018, federation members can give a fitness certificate instead of the medical certificate ONLY IF they are a minor or if they renew their permit in the same club and without interruption. In that case, the medical questionnaire to fill in and the certificate to print are on the FFJDA website during the online registration for the permit. Only the fitness certificate is to give, not the questionnaire.

The new federation members (or if they interrupted their practice) must give the medical certificate.

To be remembered : Non practicing federation members do not have to give this certificate.

For more explanations : FFJDA explanations (in French)

Pass Région, Pack loisir & central body management

  • Pass Région  : If you own the card and have not already used it this year, you can have a 30€ discount on the FFJDA permit or the membership. Simply write the number of the card down (not the “numéro de dossier”) on the registration form. Then make a separate cheque (30€) (taken off FFJDA permit). As soon as the region pays us the 30€, you will be given your cheque back.
  • Pack loisir : 20€ discount ( 50% from the FFJDA permit) on the membership. Simply give us the coupon and make a separate cheque (20€) (taken off FFJDA permit). As soon as the county pays us the 20€, you will be given your cheque back.
  • Central body management : If your central body management offers a refund for sports club memberships and the Meylan Kendo Club meets the criteria, don’t hesitate to ask for a bill and everything you need for this refund.

In practice

You can begin when you want, throughout the season. The firsts lessons are focused on the feet movements, very specific to kendo. Then, some mouvements with the weapons are added (bokken) to become aware of the first difficulties (distance, arm-leg mouvement connection…).

The use of the shinaï comes quickly, allowing you to feel the “strike”; the shinaï allows to come in contact with a partner (on another shinaï or directly on the armour).

All of this is done among a identical level group, in the same course. It is thus more pleasurable to start in a group at the beginning of the club season.


The armour

The club owns numerous armours and can lend you one, if you don’t own yours.

The outfit

At the beginning, a tracksuit and a T-shirt will be sufficient to practice. The feet are bare on a wooden floor.
You can buy later a hakama (trousers) and a kendo-gi (jacket) on your own or with the club equipment order.


The club often orders lots of shinaï in order to supply everyone. You can buy a shinaï anywhere but pay attention to the quality & security of the product : many of them are not from good quality and are sometimes dangerous to use.
To buy a bokken, you are free to get one wherever you want.

Where can I buy equipment ?

You will find here a list of the suppliers we already tested.