Where can I buy equipment?

At the club

The club owns an important stock of shinaï, which are directly bought from our supplier Nine Circles ( http://www.ninecircles.co.uk ).
The club also owns men him, do him, tuba etc… Please ask the equipment supervisor for more information.

Noris Arts Martiaux

For a 1st bokken, we deter you from buying in sports superstore, where they are of a poor quality. We would rather recommend you to go to Noris Arts Martiaux in Gières.

A red timber bokken (app. 10€) will suit you perfectly. Be aware that the decorated / tainted bokken are mostly produced for decoration and are thus fragile.

Nine Circles

This is the club’s main supplier. Equipment is of good quality, not too expensive and the delivery is quick. Pay attention to the website prices : A 20% VAT is to be added and a conversion to Euros to be done.

The club usually order 3/4 times a year, when enough members ask for it. Information on these orders are displayed on the club’s forum.


All Japan Budogu

High quality equipment, especially for armours and outfits.

Free delivery, however you may have to pay a border tax, as it comes from Japan.
Despite the distance, the delivery is very fast.