Kazan No Bushi 2018

Saturday 24 November

Training led by Roger ARMAND, 7th Dan Renshi (regional technical director).
Beginning of registration at 1 pm and beginning of the training at 2 pm.

Grade examination from 1st to 3rd dan at 6 pm.

Cocktail de l’amitié après le passage de grades sur place à l’ASM.

Sunday 25 November

Championships. Registration from 9 am and beginning at 10 am.

Championships by teams of 3 (men and women).

Women championships by teams of 3. Women can participate in both championships. If there are not enough participants from one club, Ronin teams can be created.

Championships rules and regulations 

1 day-fee is 10€, 2 day-fee is 15€.

Access :

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